[A] Project Intake & Scoping: Right-size Your Learning Solutions – Jolene Rowan

We’ve all fielded training requests from project sponsors or subject matter experts to “pretty up a PowerPoint” or “just create a 30-minute eLearning module.” As learning and development professionals, these can be frustrating requests to field. We know that given time to discern the real problem or need, we might discover that the solution is something entirely different than what is requested—or may not be a training solution at all. On the other hand, who has the time, resources, or support to not just be an order taker.

This session will focus on owning and leveraging L&D expertise and consulting skills to quickly and effectively intake, analyze, and scope learning projects. We will discuss—

  • Best practices solutions for performance improvement
  • Learning versus non-learning solutions
  • Questions to help discerning what a SME or project sponsor is asking for
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Learning consulting skills: Tips and Tricks

With over 25 years of experience in adult learning, Jolene is a data-driven thinker who generates and executes ideas at strategic and tactical levels. A creative visionary with a passion for learning, she is an instinctive collaborator who values working partnerships with client teams. As Chief Learning Officer, Jolene is responsible for the overall solution design and development on learning initiatives. Jolene designs solutions to deliver both functional and organizational-level objectives: how training is impacting revenue, customer satisfaction, employee experience, and overall productivity. Jolene is a thought leader of new technologies and methodologies, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

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