Professional Networking in the Digital Age (Brenda Peterson)

Many of us know the benefit of building your professional network. Now that many events have moved online, how do you build and cultivate your network? Brenda Peterson is a 6-time layoff survivor who has continued to hone her job search skills. While job searching earlier in 2021 (with many pandemic restrictions still in place), Brenda learned key techniques for connecting with and interacting with people online. Learn key strategies for connecting with new people on LinkedIn, interacting, posting content to boost your credibility, and leveraging your network.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in actively cultivating their professional network.

About the Presenter: Brenda Peterson is a dynamic training and development leader and an innovative learning experience designer with an extensive background in technical training and performance consulting. As a 6-time layoff survivor, Brenda is also committed to helping individuals navigate job loss and leverage key strategies to find new positions. She is currently a volunteer facilitator with The White Box Club, a blogger at and the co-owner and learning experience designer at Condition Orange Preparedness.

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