Personalizing Virtual Learning with DIY Video (Heather Connors and Zach Anderson)

Learn how to create easy, innovative DIY video to personalize learning — which is especially important as we’ve moved so quickly to almost exclusive virtual interactions. We often think video has to be complicated and expensive, but we will provide you with tips and tricks you can use with materials you already have to efficiently create video yourself or help others create video for your learning solutions. We will discuss how we have used these quick videos in different ways and how we plan to use them in the future.

Intended Audience: The ideal learner for this session is an instructional designer, content developer, or any learning and development professional looking for easy, innovative solutions to personalize learning.

About the Presenters: Heather Connors has been a Learning and Development professional for more than a decade, having worked in health improvement, sales training, technology, and real estate. Heather is a Learning Consultant and Instructional Designer with Fredrickson Learning, where she helps clients meet their learning needs through collaboration, strategy-focus, and big picture thinking.

Zach Anderson is a Videographer and Learning Developer with Fredrickson Learning. Zach has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Media/Cultural studies from Macalester. He has experience in video and e-learning design and development, focusing on video production and post-production, 2D animation, graphic design, visual design, and learning development.

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