Ogres, Bridges, and Maps, Oh My!: Using Online Forms to Create Escape Room Learning Adventures (Annie Greenawalt)

2020 brought many pivots to our lives, and also a few opportunities to think outside the box and unlock opportunities to use well-known ideas in delightful new ways. Join along on your own device to walk through how to create a learner-focused virtual escape room using Microsoft or Google forms. We will uncover the whole process, from end to end: concept creation, storyboarding, branching, image selection, and execution of a virtual escape room (akin to a “choose your own adventure”) concept that you can build on your own in under one day.

Intended Audience: Anyone who likes to choose their own path and wants to know more about putting that power in their learners’ hands too.

About the Presenter: Annie Greenawalt has over 15 years of experience in facilitation, instructional design, and developing blended learning strategies for non-profit, healthcare, and technology-focused organizations. She currently leads the Technology Learning Services team at SPS Commerce. She believes in creating learner-centric solutions that can flex and transform, meeting the need to pivot and change as quickly as possible. Annie loves learning culture and is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to incorporate her learners on the journey to a solution that integrates emerging technologies while staying true to the basics.

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