[A] How to apply the 12 Agile Principles to L&D Project Management – Shannon Scanlon

What do you do when your efforts to handle unpredictability and changing requirements on eLearning projects are no match for the variability of your work environment or business partners? When this happened to us, we gave the Agile methodology a try. If you’re not super-familiar with Agile, it’s an approach many software development teams take to help them respond to changing project requirements. It helps teams collaborate on how they will deliver a solution as well as solve problems throughout a project. We dug into the 12 Agile principles behind the methodology to see how they could help us manage unpredictability and changing requirements. By examining how software teams applied those principles to implement and execute with agility, we brainstormed how we could adapt them for eLearning project management. What we learned can help you do the same.

Shannon Scanlon is a seasoned learning strategist with 20 years of experience leading and managing teams, projects, and engagements in the oil and gas industry, financial services, higher education, and EdTech space. Her articles on L&D project management have appeared on eLearningIndustry.com and on Dashe & Thomson’s L&D Blog.

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