Key Take-Aways from Three Years of L&D Book Club Books (Jerilyn Veldof, Charissa Tjon Affo, Steve Larson, John Murphy, and Joyce Lasecke)

With almost 30 books read and discussed, the L&D Book Club will take you on the quick jaunt through some of the most illuminating and actionable books we’ve read. You’ll be inspired and wow’d by our key insights and walk away pumped to implement lots of what you learned. And for our fellow readers (we heart you!), you’ll get a terrific reading list endorsed by the club. Be ready for an awesome session!

Intended Audience: For life-long learners, readers, and wannabe-readers alike.

About Jerilyn Veldof: Over the last three years, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 lovers-of-learning-and-reading have heard our call at PACT meetings and have come together as the L&D Book Club. You’ll hear from a variety of members — several of whom have been with us since our first meeting in April 2017.

About Joyce: Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do. Being in the L&D book club led me to kindred spirits…people who are curious about many things without needing to apply that knowledge to anything. Mostly reading reveals new worlds and perspectives to me.

My grade school years were in Rome and Stockholm, which means I learned kickball rather than software or any sports requiring hand-to-eye coordination. I’ve learned and forgotten (some) Italian, French, Swedish, and German, and I’m on my way to forgetting Spanish unless I buckle down and start studying again.

My husband & business partner Dave and I have two Australian Shepherds and two grown, married sons. We love being in northern Minnesota, semi-roughing it in our rustic one-room log cabin.

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