Inclusive Facilitation (Alex Storey)

Discover and explore best practices for creating an inclusive learning experience. This training focuses on the words we use and the environments we create. In it, we will highlight commonly missed steps when preparing inclusive spaces, learn the power of names, and practice apologizing with grace when you make a mistake in the classroom. Though this training focuses primarily on trainers and facilitators, instructional designers will gain value as well as any leader who may find themselves hosting a meeting.

Intended Audience: Trainers, facilitators, and instructional designers will benefit the most. However, any professional who finds themselves in front of an audience or runs meetings will find value in this training.

About the Presenter: Alexander “Alex” Storey (he/him/his) is a veteran trainer who has facilitated training to audiences all over the world, including Mexico, Panama, India, the United States, and the Philippines. To date, he has trained over 10,000 learners in over 100 classes. These learners range from part-time employees to C-suite executives. Now he designs and develops learning for Best Buy, including the recently celebrated Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee Toolkit. As a self-described “pop-culture trash can,” he loves to relax by watching movies and spending time with his partner.

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