[D] Implementing LTEM Evaluation – Steve Semler

Learning and development groups talk a lot about improving evaluation, but few are really doing anything to implement research-based practices. Steve Semler of LearningSim presents a case study of one organization that is moving in this direction. We used Will Thalheimer’s Learning Transfer Evaluation Model (LTEM) and Performance-Focused Smile Sheets (PFSS) to make a dramatic upgrade to L&D evaluation across a financial services client. Come hear how the effort started, progressed, and was implemented in a real organization.

Steve is a learning and development leader with more than 25 years of experience in both consulting and management roles. He has a background in learning psychology and has worked with a wide variety of industries and organizations. He has deep expertise in business fiction writing developing simulations, case studies, and scenarios to enhance skill practice in learning. Steve is also a published science fiction author, with several books available on Amazon.

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