[A] Identifying your Options in an Uncertain Future – Joyce Lassecke and Mary Texer

Have you wondered about what’s next in your career or industry? How to you make sense of the data coming at you? Learn an approach and a tool that you can use to see what’s coming over the horizon in these and any other area. In this session, participants will use scenario planning techniques to identify factors that may shape Learning & Development and, ultimately, their careers.

Mary Texer is a strategic and results-oriented organizational leader dedicated to the development of a strong, future-focused organization and workforce. Focusing on learning and development, she has significant experience in organizational communications, change management, technical training and professional development. Ms. Texer has managed teams from 3 to 17 both co-located and across multiple states. She has worked in manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, IT consulting, academic assessment and higher education.

Joyce Lasecke is co-founder and president of Fredrickson Learning, which she owns with her husband Dave. With roots in technical communication, her favorite things to do include learning about something then synthesizing the information into a useful form. She’s done this at Fredrickson for over 30 years on learning & development projects and in business operations.  She has found kindred spirits at PACT who relate to amassing books on a subject and pulling them all out at once in search of answers or inspiration.

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