[B] Creating GIFs for eLearning – Tracy Shantz

GIFs go beyond funny social media expressions! Today we can use them to make courses less static, add humor, or illustrate a system or procedure. They are quickly becoming a popular eLearning tool.

Have you ever had a process that was more confusing once you wrote it out? If so, this session is for you. This session will focus on how to use PowerPoint to create easy GIFs for procedural training. However, the tips and tricks learned here will help you create GIFs for any type of training.

This session will be an introduction to GIFs. After attending this session, you will be able to: 

  • Define GIF
  • Recall how to use GIFs in eLearning, especially in procedural training
  • Illustrate how PowerPoint can be used to create GIFs

Tracy Shantz M.S., the Training
Supervisor at CertainTeed, has a passion for helping others learn and develop.
She is an experienced instructional designer with a concentration in eLearning.
Her creativity in instructional design influenced company-wide changes in
eLearning solutions and increased employee satisfaction ratings.

Tracy enjoys staying current with industry technology trends by
exploring different training solutions and concepts. The combination of her
education, passion, and skill set has allowed her to create training solutions
that are more relevant, retainable, and entertaining.

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