[D] Advanced Storyline 360: Web Object to More Seamlessly Integrate Vimeo Videos – Sasha Land

Using web objects to show Vimeo videos in Storyline 360 reduces the SCORM package size and can improve course load times. However, this typically means that it is not possible for the course to detect if a user has played a video or automatically turn on subtitles for a video. The solution that I will discuss was to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code a custom web object that could be used to bridge the communication gap between Storyline 360 and the Vimeo. In this presentation I will show how I created a plug and play web object that can be used to load any Vimeo video using a variable in Storyline, update a variable in Storyline when the Vimeo play button is clicked, and automatically turn on language specific subtitles based on the value of Storyline variable.

Sasha Land holds a master’s degree from the University of Utah in Instructional Design and Educational Technology and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in Elementary and Special Education. Land is passionate about lifelong learning and enthusiastic about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. After complementing his master’s degree in 2017 land took an opportunity to work as a Learning Experience Instructional Designer at Western Governors University (WGU). At WGU land focused on developing and delivering training to WGU Academic Programs staff that highlight exemplars of instructional design best practices. Land moved to Minneapolis MN in 2018 for the opportunity to work for Polaris Industries as an Instructional Designer focused on strengthening the global dealer network through developing online technical training courses.

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