You Want It, WHEN? Lessons Learned from a Short-Notice L&D Project (Mark Sheppard)

You Want It, WHEN? Lessons Learned from a Short-Notice L&D Project (Mark Sheppard)


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Success stories are great, but it’s the projects that don’t go quite as planned are the ones we hear about all-too-infrequently — yet they are the ones we should be hearing more about! Let’s face it, we’ve all been there before; someone “needs some learning done,” and they need it yesterday. It’s almost never pretty, and we all swear we will never let it happen to us again. Right? This is one of those stories.

While working on assignment for the Royal Canadian Air Force, Mark Sheppard had one of these short-notice projects thrust at him, and the story of the frustrations, surprise wins, and unintended consequences is worth the re-telling. This presentation is a case study of that project. It will address the challenges that may be faced by learning and development professionals with short-notice projects, showcase what’s possible in content and curriculum development (and the perils associated with a too-­rapid rollout), and speak to the importance of managing stakeholder expectations. Mark will engage the audience in a shared discovery of the lessons learned from the pilot launch and what the organization did to make the full rollout more successful.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Manage expectations for content quality, effectiveness of learning, and timelines
  • Realize what you really can do on really short notice
  • Learn what not to do when rolling out a rushed project
  • Put the pieces back together and make a workable solution

As a seasoned practitioner, speaker, and recovering blogger, Mark Sheppard is no stranger to the rapidly changing landscape of the L&D scene. He cheerfully embraces his inner geek and channels that energy into putting technology to work in the learning process. His work has been recognized with awards ranging from the eLearning Guild to the Royal Canadian Air Force. He has shared his expertise and insights with audiences in Canada, the US, and Australia. Mark believes in the “art of the possible”, the power of innovation and challenging expectations.

He holds a Certificate in Adult Training and Development from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Seneca College, and a Masters Degree in Learning & Technology from Royal Roads University.

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