What If Training Isn’t the Answer? (Jess Almlie)

What If Training Isn’t the Answer? (Jess Almlie)


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Presentation by Jess Almlie: What If Training Isn’t the Answer?


As learning professionals, we are often asked to step in and solve team problems by providing training. But often, the problems teams are facing cannot be solved by even the most robust training course, video, or e-learning product. If we spend time creating training as the solution when this is the case, not only are we wasting time and resources, but we are dinging our credibility in the process. Now it is the fault of training that the problem isn’t solved! How can you find out whether training will help before spending the time to create it? And, if you find out that training won’t solve the problem, how do you guide stakeholders to an alternative solution? In this session, we will explore a five-step process to diagnose the real performance issue in a team and determine the matching solution (whether or not that includes training). You’ll learn where to start, what questions to ask, and how to match gaps to solutions. 

Upon completion, session participants will be able to: 

  • Define a performance outcome vs. a behavior outcome.
  • Take key questions into conversations with stakeholders.
  • Use a 3-part method to research performance problems.
  • Use the six key performance influencers to diagnose problems and match them to solutions.
  • Know where to start with a planned solution, based on the impact grid.

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Jess Almlie is a learning strategist with over 25 years of experience across multiple industries. She began her work in the field through design, facilitation, coordination and leadership roles and more recently, served as the Vice President of Learning Experience for WEX Benefits Division. Currently, Jess works as the Director of Learning Architecture for Looking Forward Consulting as well as running her own business, Learning Business Advisor Consulting, LLC. Jess is a highly sought after speaker and writer who believes we have a duty to move our profession of Learning and Development forward. She writes about this regularly in her LinkedIn newsletter called, “L&D Must Change.” Jess has a M.S. in Educational Leadership, a B.A. in Organizational Communication, and a certificate in Improving Human Performance. She volunteers her time as a tutor for adults learning English and as an ATD National Advisor for Chapters. Jess is also a member of the Talent Development Think Tank, a group of worldwide talent development thought leaders.

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