Training in the Age of Google (Kyle Hopson)

Training in the Age of Google (Kyle Hopson)


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Google has changed the way we think as a society. It is no longer just a popular search engine. It has become a verb. A household name. A trusted source of anything and everything you could want to know in a matter of seconds. It has even become a personality you can interact with (“Hey Google”). What does this mean for us as professionals seeking to educate and inform the eager minds of the coming generations? This the question I plan to tackle in my presentation.


After the session, you will be able to:
• Describe the concepts of Transactive Memory
• Explain the role of on-demand learning
• Use collaborative problem solving (crowdsourcing)
• Apply Knowledge Management principles to learning solutions


Kyle Hopson is a speaker, author, business professional, songwriter, and musician. From being in a rock band for seven years, to being a leader at a start-up church, to authoring a book called Nerdvotional, to working at Best Buy Corporate for 10 years, currently as a Senior Manager in Knowledge Management, he combines a hodgepodge of life experiences to bring inspiration to any and every audience he can. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, Ellen, and three children. His favorite pastime is playing video games with his friends in his basement.

March 2019


Training in the Age of Google


Kyle Hopson

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