The Seven Archetypes of Subject Matter Experts (Jolene Rowan)

The Seven Archetypes of Subject Matter Experts (Jolene Rowan)


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The Seven Archetypes of Subject Matter Experts (And How To Work With Them)

Have you had a SME who made everything more difficult than it needed to be? How about the SME who just doesn’t seem to grasp the work we’re doing together? Or, the SME whose idea of dates and deadlines is not at all aligned with the project needs? It isn’t their fault. SMEs are a vital part of the process and whether the project is a success, or not. However, they don’t always understand that fact, because of course, they already have a “day job”. It is our job to build the plan, communicate it well, and stay on top of the details so they don’t have to.
Attend this session to participate in a lively discussion of lessons learned (the hard way), best practices for working with SMEs, tips, and tools.

You will leave the session with resources for:
• Leading an effective project kick-off event.
• Mapping the design and development process with your SME.
• Best practices for wrapping the project up with your SME.
• Dealing with feedback, scope creep, and fallout

With over 25 years’ experience in adult learning, Jolene is a data-driven thinker who generates and executes ideas at strategic and tactical levels. A creative visionary with a passion for learning, she is an instinctive collaborator who values working partnerships with client teams. As Chief Learning Officer, Jolene is responsible for the overall solution design and development on client learning initiatives. Jolene designs learning solutions to deliver on both functional and organizational-level business objectives – how training is impacting revenue, customer satisfaction, employee experience, and overall productivity. Jolene is well-informed of new technologies and methodologies in the learning and development space, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.


January 2019


The Seven Archetypes of Subject Matter Experts


Jolene Rowan

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