Solve Measurement Mysteries Like an L&D Detective (Kevin M. Yates)

Solve Measurement Mysteries Like an L&D Detective (Kevin M. Yates)


 What are the facts that show impact for training? Is there evidence for the effect of learning on behavior, performance, and actions? Are there clues that reveal the connection between training, learning, performance, and business goals?

In the spirit of great detectives like Sherlock Holmes, we will discuss how to conduct an investigation to solve one of the greatest mysteries in Learning & Development, “What is the impact of training and learning?”. We will examine how to use measurement to evaluate results. We’ll explore how to use facts, clues, evidence, and data to measure learning’s influence on performance and the impact of performance’s impact on business goals.

What’s in it for you?

  • Build a business-aligned measurement strategy for training and learning.
  • Proactively plan for showing impact before the training or learning solution is designed, launched, and utilized.
  • Select the right measures, metrics, and data that shows learning’s influence on behavior, performance, and actions.
  • Design learning solutions and programs with intentional targets for behavior, performance, and actions for measurable learning outcomes.
  • Use data and fact-based evidence to tell stories about the impact of training and learning.

Known in the global learning and development community as “the L&D detective,” Kevin M. Yates answers the question, “What is the impact of training and learning?” He solves measurement mysteries and investigates how training and learning influences human performance and business outcomes.

Kevin’s 20+ years’ experience includes local and global roles for facilitation, instructional design, learning solutions design, learning technology, curriculum development, program management, leadership development, learning operations, impact measurement and learning analytics.

Kevin’s experience is multi-industry including education, financial services, insurance, news media, marketing, professional services, food services, and social media. His reach is global with keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops in North America, Europe, and Africa. He also shares his thoughts and ideas about measuring impact in industry magazines, online articles, blogs, podcasts, live streams, and his eBook The L&D Detective Kit for Solving Impact Mysteries. Kevin considers his greatest work to be helping people who need food with the nonprofit he founded, Meals in the Meantime.


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