Six Learning Trends (Nick Floro)

Six Learning Trends (Nick Floro)


In this jam session, we will take a in-depth look at 6 learning trends along with simple to inexpensive tools and technologies that can help you and your team jump forward in crafting amazing learning experiences. We’ll dissect the trend, show examples and provide practical resources and tools that you can apply to grow and integrate into your solutions. This fun session will give you dozens of ideas and reboot your brain with fresh perspectives on how to enhance your learning today.

We’ll explore creating amazing experiences, personalizing the learner’s experience, moving beyond the screen with AR, VR, XR, creating a personal learning network, utilizing gamification and rediscovering and planning around your content.

You will also receive a web link to download the presentation and access a library of tools, resources and inspiration to help you move forward.

Nick Floro headshot

Nick Floro is a co-founder and chief learning architect at Sealworks Interactive Studios with over 28 years of experience developing learning experiences, applications, and web platforms. Nick is passionate about how design and technology can enhance learning and loves to share his knowledge to teach, inspire, and motivate. Nick gets to sketch, imagine, and prototype to craft learning experiences for audiences of all ages, reaching millions of learners every year.


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