Personal Branding Workshop (Erin Chancellor)


Jobs do not define us. Every person is unique. We all have something to offer.
In this age of digital transformation, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic hit and remote work became a new normal, it is easy to get lost on a screen and overlooked. How many times have we scrolled aimlessly through thumbnails and avatars that all basically looked the same? When there are millions of profiles and pictures and websites, how do some people stand out and others get overlooked?
Let’s wrap our minds around the magnitude of the virtual world, and then look inward and consider how we can best share our unique selves with our online communities. Personal branding and online authenticity go much deeper than selling aproduct, getting the most Likes, or entertaining Followers. There are ways we can confidently and routinely put ourselves “out there” among all the pictures and posts and be valued for our unique talents and contributions.
In this workshop we will discuss our views on personal branding, share resources to help piece together what an authentic online presence looks like, and dive into actionable, creative steps to confidently get started.
Erin Chancellor

Erin is a Learning & Development professional enjoying working from home and engaging with connections in the field across various online platforms and communities. Her grandmother gets credit for her green thumb, which is ever a work-in-progress!

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