Collaborative Design Through Sketching and Prototyping (Michael Allen)

Collaborative Design Through Sketching and Prototyping (Michael Allen)


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When you’re getting started designing an eLearning experience, it’s easy to get stalled at this stage by the sheer volume of possibilities for what you can create, especially if you don’t feel visual design is a strength. But a humble sketch on a whiteboard with a red marker can still become a brilliant eLearning interaction. At its heart, eLearning is a visual medium, so starting with drawing will result in an entirely different outcome.

In this session, you’ll discover the power of starting small and iterating to achieve powerful eLearning experiences while saving time and money. Iterating through the design process is powerful because it gives you early work products to show others to get their approval and buy-in, all with barely a dent in your budget and timeline. You will learn about new ways to come up with interactions that your stakeholders will approve of and that learners will enjoy as they learn how to implement new behaviors.

In this session, you will learn:
• How to unleash nonverbal creative talents
• How to find new ways to teach to target behaviors and performance outcomes
• How to collaborate more effectively with stakeholders and SMEs
• How to iterate design starting from the concept

Michael W. Allen, Founder & CEO of Allen Interactions, has been a pioneer in the eLearning industry since 1970. With nearly 50 years of professional, academic, and corporate experience in teaching, developing, and marketing interactive learning and performance support systems, Dr. Allen has led teams of doctorate-level specialists in learning research, instructional design, computer-based training, and user experience design.

Dr. Allen has also been a pioneer in defining and refining advanced concepts and processes for the design and development of Meaningful and Memorable learning experiences, including CCAF-based design and the agile SAM process for iterative, collaborative development.


November 8, 2019


Collaborative Design Through Sketching and Prototyping


Dr. Michael Allen

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