May 10 Workshop: ChatGPT for Learning & Development (Josh Cavalier)

May 10 Workshop: ChatGPT for Learning & Development (Josh Cavalier)


NOTE! This is an in-person workshop at Brookview Golden Valley

316 Brookview Pkwy S, Golden Valley, MN 55426.

Josh has designed this session on Generative AI to cater to your unique professional requirements. This workshop will take you from novice to adept in seamlessly incorporating ChatGPT into your L&D toolkit. You can expect an engaging blend of informative material and practical exercises, all set to instantly enhance your Generative AI skill set.  This workshop is about transforming the way you approach L&D. Whether you aim to refresh your techniques or completely overhaul your L&D strategy, it is your key to unlocking new potential. 

  • Learn prompt engineering techniques for L&D 
  • Create learning objectives, storyboards, multiple choice questions, and more!  
  • Find out the secrets of Large Language models and what makes ChatGPT work


Josh Cavelier

Josh Cavalier started his career in 1994 as a Senior Art Director for an eLearning company. He was responsible for creating engaging eLearning experiences for the banking Industry. The software training company he founded in 1999, Lodestone Digital, went from $100K in revenue in 2000 to $1.8 MIL annually in 2006 with five offices, including one in New York City, 11 employees, and 20 contractors. Lodestone went on to train more than 20 thousand students worldwide on digital media tools. Josh has performed workshops for Fortune 500 companies and US military branches. From the floor of the NY Stock Exchange to the assembly line of the F-35 Lightning to numerous corporate headquarters, including Microsoft, Lockheed-Martin, Marriott, Lowes, and Pizer, to name a few. Now he has taken all the business lessons and proven strategies he’s learned, applied them to Generative AI, and shared them on his YouTube channel, Instagram, and online classes.


Website: Josh Cavalier | AI + Education

Event Details

Date: May 10, 2024

Start time: 01:00 p.m. CDT

End time: 05:00 p.m. CDT

Venue: Brookview Golden Valley

Directions: 316 Brookview Parkway S, Golden Valley, MN 55426

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