Mastering Adaptability for a Future-Ready L&D (Esther Jackson)

Mastering Adaptability for a Future-Ready L&D (Esther Jackson)


With the demand for a future ready L&D, where does adaptability fit in and what does it look like?

We are currently facing changes requiring us to stretch beyond just merely creating ways for our organizations to adjust to a virtual world. This answers the question: Just because everyone else is adapting, why should I? The pace of today’s need for adaptability is taking us by storm. Organizations, leaders, teams, educators, L&D professionals, and workers must adapt in order to survive and thrive. In this session, you will find out what it really means to adapt and gain key takeaways with steps to increasing your adaptability.

As we see the trending focus on EQ, not many are aware of AQ or the adaptability quotient and its importance in our personal and professional lives. Every area of business faces the challenge of keeping pace with the demands of the ever-changing workplace. Thriving organizations recognize that success resides in leveraging the skillset of workers and leaders with a high AQ.

Developing adaptability skills is crucial to facing challenges, being able to innovate and apply creative solutions, leading teams effectively, and staying relevant in one’s professional role. Change happens and it prompts our response whether we’re ready or not. This presents a great opportunity for L&D leaders and teams to position themselves to move beyond resilience and into true adaptability. There’s been enough talk so let’s get to the real action that happens when we put the 4C’s of adaptability to work. Find out what they are in this session.  

We are hearing a lot about the need for individuals and organizations to adapt. However, there is not as much focus on how this should be recognized in our instructional design and delivery. The session will not only cover the skills that go hand in hand with adaptability but also ways to ensure that they are represented in training. Attendees will receive tools to assist them in application of the session content when they leave. 

Today’s learners require training that is made relevant to them with a focus on how they should adapt themselves to changing conditions in their workplace and how they adapt the use of information while learning. Does your training give them the best of both worlds? This session will show you how. Find out why voluntarily or involuntarily, adaptability is a must and you can design training with skill development that makes that happen. This is your opportunity to gain key strategies for developing learners’ adaptability in your training which will make you invaluable to your organization. 

  • Examine the 4C’s related to adaptability
  • Identify opportunities to implement adaptability
  •  Apply the A-D-A-P-T Model for future readiness
  • Discover how to create a plan for mastering adaptability
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