Lead Yourself to Success in 2020 (Deanell Sandoval)

Lead Yourself to Success in 2020 (Deanell Sandoval)


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Kick-off your New Year by crafting a plan for how you will lead yourself into 2020! We’re not talking about resolutions or goal setting, instead, we will take a closer look at your leadership style so you can then effectively lead others and the organization. You certainly don’t need an executive title to lead because it all starts with leading you. How will you achieve success as an L & D professional in 2020?

During this interactive session, we will explore individual definitions of success and how to apply them to our work as learning practitioners. We will determine ways to focus, be productive, and overcome distractions by providing exercises and tools to support these needs. We will discuss behavior and how it impacts others in our world and gain awareness to achieve more effective leadership.

Each participant will leave with a code for a custom behavioral assessment to further guide their exploration of success and self, as well as a 15-minute complimentary coaching session specific to your assessment outcome.

Deanell Sandoval

Leader. Coach. Visionary. Consider Deanell Sandoval the missing link to your leadership development needs. With more than 25 years of experience leading teams, coaching, and training, as Vice President of Leadership Development for Empowering Performance, Inc. (EPI), Deanell has nearly seen it all.

Each component of her career has developed Deanell into one of the most influential and impactful learning and development facilitators in the industry. With the belief that any business can accomplish big goals when equipped with the right leadership development training, Deanell is an expert in engaging facilitation, intentional leadership, vision and goal alignment, talent assessment, curriculum design, process improvement, and retention and succession planning. Deanell is a natural partner for managing through needed behavior change.

Deanell often hears, “you should write a book!” and responds with, “I am working on it!” An aspiring author and collector of knowledge, writing is a passion with pages being a blank slate. The book topics are endless including, leadership, gardening, cooking, traveling, how-to remodel a vintage 1957 camper trailer or owning and operating a gourmet food market through a tumultuous economy.

Deanell currently lives in a 1950’s ranch in Olde Town Arvada, CO with her husband Ray.


January 10, 2020


Lead Yourself to Success in 2020


Deanell Sandoval

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