July 8 – The Missing Piece in Successful Learning Programs: Learner Personas (Danielle Wallace and Jelena Marjanovic)

July 8 – The Missing Piece in Successful Learning Programs: Learner Personas (Danielle Wallace and Jelena Marjanovic)


As the lines between marketing and training are blurring, L&D is being asked to develop creative new learning solutions. So how do marketers engage their audience and change people’s behavior? The secret is their strategic understanding of their audience. Through team-based activities, you’ll apply relevant marketing strategies to change learner behavior and engage participants. You’ll uncover the role strategy has on your learning programs by revealing unstated learner needs, applying insights, and creating a learner persona. You’ll also explore real-life examples and principles that top marketing organizations use to resonate with their audiences. You’ll leave this session with practical tips to apply to your next training project.

By attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Create a learner persona
  • Use qualitative data to draw insights from learner populations
  • Uncover unstated learner needs to shape your training solutions
  • Integrate ideas from other industries into your learning programs

Danielle Wallace

Danielle Wallace is the Chief Learning Strategist at Beyond the Sky: Custom Learning. Previously, as a marketing leader with Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, she learned strategic marketing principles which she now applies to learning and development to create compelling breakthrough solutions. Danielle is a sought after speaker at global conferences and her thought leadership is found in numerous industry magazines and publications. Her monthly free infographics and tips can be found at http://www.beyondthesky.ca.


Jelena Marjanovic, pHD in Technology Enhanced Education, is leveraging a lifelong passion for human connection and effective learning to bridge critical gaps within the companies and organizations she serves. She approaches every project with boundless creativity, fervent tenacity, and impeccable professionalism. Using systematic methodology to facilitate the development of new knowledge and skills, this talented instructional design specialist excels at corporate training design, digital learning development, and transforming divergent technical content into customized, integrative learning solutions. She innovates cutting-edge, learner-centered strategies for clients throughout Europe and North American that are carefully tailored to clients’ needs and foster and maximize satisfaction, motivation, and information retention.

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