Getting Started With Augmented Reality for Learning and Development (Destery Hildenbrand)

Getting Started With Augmented Reality for Learning and Development (Destery Hildenbrand)


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Augmented reality (AR) is a widely used technology in games, marketing, and everyday apps, but what about learning and development? This session will discuss how to get started using AR in learning and development. You will be introduced to low-cost tools and resources that will make developing AR projects simple, effective, and engaging. You will explore interactive AR experiences built in a wide variety of tools. You will learn where AR fits in a design workflow and how it can enhance different learning scenarios. By the end of the session, you’ll have working knowledge of planning, building, and sharing an AR project with the world.

In this session, you will:

  • Discuss differences between augmented, mixed, and virtual reality
  • Be introduced to the tools and resources available to create AR projects and also receive templates and aids to help ideation and storyboarding for AR
  • Explore where AR can fit in a blended design workflow

Destery Hildenbrand is a senior instructional designer and an adjunct instructor at Kirkwood Community College. Destery has over fifteen years of experience in designing and developing training solutions for corporate and higher education. His main focus is on the effective use of technology in learning while maintaining sound instructional design and adult learning principles. Destery is also a champion and developer of immersive learning experiences using augmented and virtual reality. His goal is to help others create engaging, effective, and exciting learning experiences through a mix of strategy, technology, and multimedia design.

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