Excellence Share 2023: Taming Your Inner Saboteurs (Steve Semler)

Excellence Share 2023: Taming Your Inner Saboteurs (Steve Semler)


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Presentation by Steve Semler: Taming Your Inner Saboteurs


Excellence Share allows us to celebrate and learn from the accomplishments and successes of our peers. In this presentation Steve Semler shares tips on how we can tame our inner saboteurs and leverage that in our work.

Steve Semler

Steve Semler at FocalPoint turns techies into leaders. He blends training, coaching, and mental fitness to help technical professionals make their people leadership skills as strong as their technical specialties. This lets them create productive, effective, and humane workplaces as leaders. Steve’s 30+ years of experience across more than 60 companies gives technical leaders the insight, support, and development they need to become as strong in people leadership as they are in their technical specialties. Because leadership matters!

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