Excellence Share 2023: Digital Adoption Platform (Kate Hoelscher)

Excellence Share 2023: Digital Adoption Platform (Kate Hoelscher)


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Presentation by Kate Hoelscher: Digital Adoption Platform


Excellence Share allows us to celebrate and learn from the accomplishments and successes of our peers. In this presentation, Kate Hoelscher shares how you can leverage a digital adoption platform to help your target audience learn in the flow of their work.

Kate Hoelscher has been with Sun Life for 3 years. Prior to Sun Life, Kate held Learning and Development consultant roles at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and CentraCare Health. Kate was instrumental in the implementation of the Health and Risk Solutions L&D digital adoption platform solution, enhancing user experience and resulting in improved process efficiencies across multiple operation areas. She is known for her unique L&D technical skill set, supporting leaders to deliver on both strategic and business objectives by providing guidance and solutions to enhance performance.

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