Excellence Share 2023: Accessibility in eLearning (Andrea Armagost)

Excellence Share 2023: Accessibility in eLearning (Andrea Armagost)


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Presentation by Andrea Armagost: Accessibility in eLearning


Excellence Share allows us to celebrate and learn from the accomplishments and successes of our peers. In this presentation, Andrea Armagost shares what to focus on to create an accessible eLearning experience.

Andrea Armagost

Andrea’s primary career focus has been on evolving learning design standards, systems, processes and toolsets to drive efficiency and quality in the design and development of learner experiences. In previous roles she has led a multimedia content development and learning tech team for Tesla, served as an instructional designer and a design and tech capability lead for Target, managed online learning for Radisson Hotels, taught learning Technologies graduate students, and run her own business. She currently serves as the Associate Director of Instructional Design for Chewy’s Customer Service division.

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