Design Thinking: Empathy Supporting Innovation (Myra Roldan)

Design Thinking: Empathy Supporting Innovation (Myra Roldan)


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In organizational studies and management advice literature, there is a growing demand to be empathic. This requirement now applies to the entire staff, rather than just the leadership. Ultimately, Design Thinking has provided methods and techniques for fostering empathy in teamwork settings. In this Design Thinking workshop, we will work through the phases of design thinking in a hands-on exercise where we will build empathy for our users and explore how empathy impacts and drives innovation. It’s no secret; better understanding your customers—their thoughts, motivations, actions—helps you to design better products and experiences.

You will expand our scope to align with business goals and get a grip on your real customer’s problems and challenges in order to create innovative learning experiences that provide the
greatest impact.

You will work in small collaborative groups to:

  • Define a challenge or problem
  • Build user personas
  • Map out the complete learner and stakeholder experiences start to ending
  • Identify each customer’s pain points, challenges, and problems
  • Spitball ideas and solutions
  • Select and pitch your best ideas, and finally
  • Build low-fi prototypes of the ideas generated

You will also explore how to engage your stakeholders using your new toolkit to get buy-in, earn trust, build confidence, and position yourself as a learning and development leader. trust, build confidence and position yourself as a learning and development leader. The end results of this workshop are the development of a complete reusable toolkit, applicable knowledge to drive innovation through empathy to create experiences that align with both the business and learner’s needs.

Myra is a talented technologist, a TEDx speaker, author, and an international public speaker. She is widely regarded as an important source of information about new and emerging technologies. She brings in a unique mix of technical, business, as well as, learning experience innovation in the field of adult education and competency development.

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