Empathizing with your learner to create a stronger training module (David King)


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Presentation by David Kind: Empathizing with your learner to create a stronger training module


Have you been wondering how to improve personal connection with your learners? David King will speak about his background using Articulate Storyline to help teach company employees new skills, sharing from a writer’s perspective on interfacing with clients, SMEs, and the offshore coding team, as well as crafting explanatory and quiz text. From there, he’ll move into what prompted him to ride his bicycle across America, and what he experienced in meeting all kinds of different people over the four-month journey. After delving into what he learned from the undertaking, he’ll tie the two topics together by emphasizing practicing empathy, understanding, and kindness when designing learning modules, especially for a different demographic of learner. Attendees will have the chance to share and hear stories of gratitude in small breakout rooms.

After this talk, you will have a better sense of:

  • Empathy — putting oneself in another’s shoes to make e-learning modules more effective
  • Reflecting back — ensuring we’ve heard the message that a client or SME meant to convey
  • Building bridges — the value of listening across differences
  • Gratitude — the power of being on the lookout for acts of kindness, however small

Writer, editor, and content developer David King will discuss his 3,600-mile bicycle ride across the United States, sharing the lessons he learned in patience and gratitude. He’ll also touch on the themes of being open to kindness from strangers, seeking to understand those who are different than us, and using empathy in our work to better connect with learners and clients.

Twitter: @TheBikingWriter 

Website: medium.com/@DavidKingWriter 

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