Digital Dependence and Human Connection (Leah Clark)

Digital Dependence and Human Connection (Leah Clark)



With the explosion of learning technologies, opportunities abound to reach new generations of leaders with an incredible range of digitally enabled options. There is no scarcity of the micro-enabled ways leaders can learn how to improve their interpersonal leadership skills.Except here’s the problem – they need a person in the interpersonal.We are wired as human beings to connect and learn through others and an approach that eliminates this connection eliminates the most powerful aspect of leadership development. But there are ways to reach across the technology and support human connection. They key is crafting a thoughtful approach that’s not only learner centric and leader centric – it’s human centric.Learn how leaders can embrace the convenience of digital while maintaining human connection by:
• Understanding how to blend technology and human connection
• Providing leaders with the skills they need most in an integrated learning ecosystem
• Effectively blending a leader’s development journey that meets the demands of today’s digital world
• Ensuring you keep human connection alive
There is a way to have the best of both worlds.
Leah Clark

Leah Clark is a thought leader and author for GP Strategies. Leah researches, writes, and speaks on the topic of leadership. Her work informs the organization’s product development and learner experience efforts. She has written several articles on executive presence, leadership mindset, and the benefits of both introversion and mindfulness on innovation. She recently authored the research reports, Movement orMoment? A Pulse on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace from Leaders and Employees Business as Unusual: Rewriting the Rules of Leadership, Leadership Mindsets: The Thoughts and Actions of Successful Leaders and Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today – What Leaders Need Today, and in the Future, To be Successful. Leah has hosted numerous webinars on the importance of keeping human connection alive in technology enabled leadership development solutions, leadership mindsets, and leadership competence and connection during times of uncertainty.

Some of her other articles, blogs and podcasts include Leaders – It’s Time to Amplify the Conversation Around Diversity and Inclusion, Eight Insights for Leaders if COVID Requires Your Team To Work Remotely, Communication and Leadership During Times of Crisis, Shifting Your Mindset: Four Leadership Attitudes to Adopt Right Now,Mindfulness: Creating Space for Innovation, How to Encourage Innovation inIntroverts, Developing Executive Presence, Micro Aggressions in the Workplace, Values and Career: Spare Change or Big Investment?, Stop The Insanity: Conversations to Help Performance Soar.

Sampling of Clients Accomplishments

Leah works with clients across several industries and her clients benefit from her leadership knowledge combined with her creative approach to learner engagement. She has over 27 years of experience in leadership, marketing, strategy, and product development


• Master of Arts; Organizational Psychology, Columbia University

• Bachelor of Arts; English and Sociology, Boston College

• Certified Executive Coach

• Myers-Briggs Practitioner

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