Designing for Behavior Change (Matt Gjertsen)

Designing for Behavior Change (Matt Gjertsen)


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Designing for Behavior Change

When it comes to learning, most people think of what they have the most experience with which is formal education such as high school or college. The problem is that there is little connection between the type of learning done in school and the type of learning desired in the corporate world. Formal education is focused on transferring knowledge from the instructor to the student, but in the corporate world, we don’t care about knowledge transfer; we care about behavior change.

This is why so many learning interventions fail. They focus on facts and ideas instead of the practical ways we know work to change behavior. Changing behavior requires the building of a much larger mental model in the learner’s mind than simply remembering facts. If we want to change behavior, we need to focus on how the brain decides what action to take and then design a course with that in mind. This brain-based approach to learning design is critical if you want to see real change in someone’s behavior.

This session will focus on the three keys to behavior change, specificity, context, and connection. Attendees will get to not just understand these concepts but also put them into practice in real time by designing a learning exercise that will shift the behavior of participants.

Whether you are an experienced instructional designer or a new HR business partner, this session will help you understand what makes people act the way they do and give you a foundation for designing any kind of employee intervention.

Matt G

Matt Gjertsen began his instructional career in the United States Air Force as an Instructor Pilot in the T-1 and KC-10. After 9 years of service – which included missions to Afghanistan and over 1000 instructor hours and 2500 flight hours – Matt left active duty to become Manager of Training and Development for SpaceX.

In this role, his team was responsible for new hire orientation, employee and leader development, as well as various aspects of technical training from Environmental Health and Safety compliance to production and engineering skills. After four and a half years at SpaceX, Matt moved on to join a technology start-up where he built a sales bootcamp for a new and growing sales team.

He now runs his own consultancy, Better Every Day Studios, where he works with businesses of all sizes to create custom learning content and facilitate impactful employee training designed to change behavior and improve performance.

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