Accelerating Impact Through Equitable Skills and Talent Development (Matthew Daniel)

Accelerating Impact Through Equitable Skills and Talent Development (Matthew Daniel)


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Equity in Talent Development


The rate of change in our organizations feels insurmountable and the new skills our employees need to keep up with that change is overwhelming. This session will use stories from transformations we’ve been a part of – the types of transformations many organizations are going through now – to help you identify questions to use with business partners to identify upcoming talent impacts.

This session is focused on moving from a practitioner addressing specific needs, to a strategy partner with your business leaders. We’ll share the resources we look to in order to proactively identify reskilling efforts and we’ll share how organizations are assessing current roles, evaluating potential opportunities for reskilling to meet areas of high demand, and leveraging learning offerings to address the need.

Most importantly, we’ll talk about the frameworks you might use to think about how equitable your skills development strategy is and how to advocate with business and HR leaders for different approaches the helps build talent for today AND tomorrow.

Here’s what you should be able to do when you walk away from this session:
1. Describe the differences between upskill and reskilling, and use a framework for evaluating the durability of skills you’re delivering
2. Advocate with business and HR leaders for more equitable approaches to skilling and creating mobility for existing employees to grow

For nearly 20 years, Matthew Daniel has consulted on talent development, talent management, and HR technology strategies for Fortune 500s, including companies like Nike, Boston Consulting Group, Capital One, Chipotle, Allstate, Cigna Healthcare, Microsoft, Walmart, and General Motors. Matthew currently serves as Principal of Talent Strategy and Mobility at Guild Education, where he researches and consults on the intersection of skills, pathways, mobility, and equity in the workforce.

Matthew is regularly published in industry outlets like TD Magazine, CLO, Talent Management, CTDO, and Training Magazine.

Matthew serves as a member of the Talent Management, Culture, and Diversity Subcommittee of the Defense Business Board, where he advises the Secretary of Defense and other Pentagon leaders on the latest in Talent Practices.

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