About PACT

Our Mission

PACT’s mission is to provide opportunities for learning, networking, and the exchange of ideas among technical training professionals.

Our Vision

PACT inspires training professionals to lead, develop, explore, network, and grow themselves and their organization in a fun and motivating environment.

The Details

PACT, located in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area of Minnesota, is one of the oldest professional training associations in the United States. We meet the second Friday of every month to share information, discuss options, and discover answers on the issues and technologies facing today’s ever-changing organizations.

PACT is your opportunity to take three hours a month to focus on your professional growth and development. At monthly meetings, you will hear your peers and nationally renowned training and support experts speak about issues we all face as trainers, designers, developers, and support personnel.

Join us as a guest or consider investing in your personal and professional development by becoming a PACT member. If you are working on your first undergraduate degree or certificate, you are eligible for our student rates.

Reasons to Join

Information Exchange

  • Keep up with the trends in training development and delivery
  • Discover emerging technologies
  • Ask questions so you can stop “reinventing the wheel” on projects
  • Discuss ideas and approaches to improve how you do your job
  • Participate in focused discussions through Special Interest Groups
  • Attend workshops and special classes that individual companies might not have enough participants to support

Networking Opportunities

  • Be part of a network of training industry vendors and practitioners
  • Meet account managers and customers face-to-face
  • Learn the organizational structure of other companies
  • Find employment opportunities
  • Announce employment opportunities

Personal and Professional Renewal

  • Validate all your hard work
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Celebrate your accomplishments with your peers
  • Demonstrate and share your skills at the annual Excellence Share
  • Connect with peers through committees, seminars, and SIGs
  • Make friends and gain support
  • Share stories, discoveries, successes, and challenges with peers who understand your profession

Resource Connections

  • Learn about conferences, classes, workshops, and seminars – with a discounted rate of at least 10%!
  • Take advantage of other special discounts for PACT members
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